From Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Testimonial from Virginia Wiggen, Nature Center Director, regarding the Juliette Kinzie Book Reading & Pioneer Activities Event

"This was SO fun.  I wish you would have seen the “Pony Express”.  There were literally shrieks of laughter and the horse ran off into the prairie!  The kids were still talking about Juliette, the fawn, the Green Bay Packers' place in history this morning and their parents were excited to see their letters arrived safely at sign-out.  : )     Thanks again for taking time out of your schedule to come share your wonderful new book with us!  It was great to have you here—please come back soon!" -- Virginia

And from the ALNC Blogpost  (see photos at )

"...This year’s participants during the Pioneer program day had an extra special treat when Kathe Crowley Conn, a local author, visited to share her new book about fascinating life of Juliette Kinzie, a pioneer and frontier author who lived in early 1800’s Wisconsin.  Juliette Kinzie: Frontier Storyteller, published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, follows Juliette’s journey from a comfortable life out east in the early 1800’s to a rugged log cabin in what would later become Wisconsin.

Conn shared passages from her book, painting a vivid picture of Kinzie’s life for the students.  Some favorite moments for the audience were when Conn shared the story about Kinzie’s ‘pet’ deer  and when she shared a replica letter that Kinzie penned by hand and beautifully folded.  The students were encouraged to imagine how they would have felt traveling to pioneer-era Wisconsin, and had many great questions for Conn about Kinzie’s life, hobbies, and legacy.  The students then got to try writing letters with feather pens themselves.  What a wonderful way to spend the day, exploring and learning about a fascinating character in Wisconsin’s history!"

On Wisconsin Public Radio

Interview with Rob Ferrett, host of "Central Time"

15-minute interview about the life of Juliette Kinzie and her adventures on a frontier that would become Wisconsin and the Midwest. Recorded on April 2, 2015.   Click here to listen!