Juliette Kinzie: Frontier Storyteller

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A new biography on Juliette Kinzie, written by Kathe Crowley Conn and published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

Juliette Kinzie loved adventure. But in the early 1800s girls were not expected to be explorers. Fortunately, Juliette had other ideas.

In 1830, young Juliette moved from her fancy home in the East to a rustic log cabin in what would later become Wisconsin. She lived there with her husband, John, who was the new Indian Agent at Fort Winnebago.

While living at the Fort, Juliette came to know the Native Americans who called the land home and the non-Native American settlers who were moving in. Juliette and John only lived at Fort Winnebago for three years, but those years were marked by tremendous changes for Native Americans and settlers alike.

Juliette believed in the power of storytelling. She believed that everyone had a story to share. Juliette wrote a book about the joys and struggles of life at the Fort, and the changes that she had seen during that time. Her book, Wau-Bun: The Early Day in the North-West, is an important first-person account of life on the Wisconsin frontier.

This new biography turns the lens on the writer herself, detailing Kinzie’s life as she chronicled the lives of those she encountered during her adventures.  Juliette Kinzie: Frontier Storyteller shares the delights and challenges of travel and adjusting to new people and places, but also describes the war, hunger, and rapidly changing times Juliette witnessed on the Midwestern frontier.

The book follows the pioneering young woman through her own changes from socialite to pioneer to famous author and even to the work of her granddaughter and namesake, Juliette Gordon Low, who founded the Girl Scouts of the USA.

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Released February 2015        123 pages, full color cover & back, 65 b&w images, 2 maps, 7 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-0-87020-701-3

Paperback and E-Book Edition Available

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